Hawley Gelique - Disco 281
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Brand: Hawley

SKU: 830406

The Hawley Professional Gel Polish line features the most wanted shades, from the sheer, nude & delicate to the bold reds or the mysterious blues or purples, once your clients have tried the Hawley Gelique Gel polishes they will be addicted. Painted on with a brush (just like traditional nail polish), each layer is cured under a UV or LED light in seconds with no smudging or dents, making it a perfect and speedy manicure! - Strengthen Weak and Soft Nails. - No Peeling or Chipping. - Completely Odourless. - 47 Blendable Colours so that every client and salon can create their own styles and collections. - Popular Top and Base coat in one! - Lasts up to three (3) weeks. The service does not require any drilling or filing down of the natural nail, a slight etching with a fine buffer to smooth away any lines or ridges is all that is necessary.