Caron Pure Olive Oil Wax Melts 1kg

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Brand: Caron

SKU: 700205


Caronlab Australia's All Natural Wax Melts™ is the same Traditional Smooth & Remove natural quick dry Hard Wax you know and love but in an ALL NEW fuss free format! To save you time and effort Caronlab Australia has developed revolutionary Wax Melts™ so you can say goodbye to hammers!


All-natural formula
Dries quickly
A great unisex wax
Very effective on oily skin
Contains Pure Olive Oil
Powerful strength and performance - removes all hairs in one go
Nourishes and softens the skin
Economical results
It's as simple as inserting your perfect size Wax Melts™ into your Wax Heater. 10 X Wax Melts are available in convenient, recyclable 500g Tubes.

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